Website and Merchant Seal Of Trust

Fast and Easy Registration for the Verified Merchant Program (Requires Low Annual $39 Fee)

Qualifications for the Verified Merchant Seal of Trust

•Your website must be a currently registered  top level domain
•Your business must be in compliance with the laws of the country of operation
•A method for customers to communicate with you must be posted on your website and must include email or contact form AND phone number
•The business must have a posted physical address that is valid and verifiable
•The business must sufficiently pass a background check for customer complaints
(Percentage of negative complaints must be substantially less than positive testimonials)
•If the business is a corporation it must be in good standing with current registration
•The business website must have a posted privacy policy, a terms of service, and an explanation of customer service policies and procedures
•If the business provides services or products for sale on the Internet the site must provide a verifiable
secure method of purchase that uses a valid SSL certificate and is PCI Compliant
•A private and a public contact email must be provided to Verified Merchant Trust Organization (can be one and the same).
(The public email is for us to provide customers upon request and the private email is for us to be able to contact you directly

We reserve the right to reject any application without recourse for any reason upon our own discretion.
If we reject an application full refund of the annual fee will be provided.

In the case of a disqualification of an existing membership, no refund is provided.